Why choose Water Damage Clean?

Water Damage Clean is a professional, licensed, fully insured, and trustworthy company of with which to do business. We pride ourselves on our reputation and have an excellent reputation amongst clients and our peers. Every employee is customer oriented and we rely upon our expertise, experience, and knowledge to get your property back to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible. Below is a our FAQ list.


How much do I have to pay?

Every job and property layout differs and so do the prices for drying out a structure. When it comes to insurance claims and insurance work, you only are responsible for your deductible. If your insurance company denies your claim, you owe us nothing for drying your place out. It is in our work authorization and here on the website.

My insurance company will drop me if I file a claim?

Normally insurance companies will not drop you if you file a claim. We have heard that if you file three or more claims in any 12 month period then yes you can and probably will be dropped. Otherwise, that is very uncommon to be dropped for filing a claim for a legitimate covered loss.

Do I need to call my insurance company first?

Most common in all property insurance policies in the great State of Florida, it states that you must mitigate your damages to your property. This includes shutting off the water to your house during a water intrusion and/or calling a company like ours to come dry the structure out after a water loss. Remembering that mitigating the damages is much more important than making the phone call to the insurance company at the time of loss. We will help you through the process as this is our specialty so please keep our number handy. 954.866.3380.

How long will this process take?

The dry out process depends on the amount of water that damaged your property and for how long it was there. The dry out process typically takes between 3 and 5 days to completely dry a structure out. We have dried carpets and rooms completely in 24 hours and as long as 7 days for massive commercial leaks from main lines breaking in the wall 18 stories high. But a typical rule of thumb is the three to five day time frame.

What happens if I get denied by my insurance company?

We will not charge you for the water mitigation if your insurance company denies your claim. We are very confident that when we choose to work with you as a client, it is for a covered loss as per the insurance company. Please call us now for a free consultation and let us discuss your options.

Do I need to get estimates before you start working?

Not necessarily. The only activity you need to do is mitigate the damage. After you mitigate the damage such as turning off the water to the structure, then call us at Water Damage Clean to help you through the processes and procedures we are all too familiar with. We will not only help you quickly but always with a smile. As for the reconstruction of your property, the insurance company typically pays for like, kind and quality of materials for reference.

My mortgage company is on the check from the insurance proceeds. How do I get it signed off on?

Please call your mortgage company and find out what documents they require in order to get the check signed off on. Typically they need a signature guarantee and the copies of our contractor packet. We submit our documents directly to the insurance company as to make the entire process as smooth and convenient as possible for you the homeowner.

I can see mold on my wall, what do I do?

CALL US! Mold can be hazardous to your health or that of a loved one. Health and safety are our main concerns and that is why you should call us immediately once you see or smell mold.

Now that my home is dry, what is next?

After the drying process, an adjuster from the insurance company will typically contact you within 24-48 hours from when the claim is filed. They will come to your property and take pictures and measurements. Then the information is processed with an adjuster from the insurance company. They have the updates so please keep their 800 number handy so you can get updates.

Can I turn off the machines at night because they are keeping me awake?

It is recommended to keep the machines on until our certified technician takes them out of your property. These machines are designed to work day and night and not designed to be turned off and on. Please leave them on and let them work together to dry your place out properly. The main goal is to mitigate your damages, prevent secondary damage and make sure microbial growth does not form.

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