Mold Remediation Services in Hallandale Beach, FL

Water Damage
Water Damage
When it comes to water damage, the most important aspect of mitigation is responding quickly.
Mold Removal
Mold Removal

One of the most important parts of life is our health. In South Florida especially, we take that to heart and mold. This can be a very serious health issue.

Fire Damage
Fire Damage

Safety of your family and pets is much more important that the safety of your property.




Mold Remediation Services Hallandale Beach FL

If you’re looking for top-notch mold remediation services in Hallandale Beach, FL, look no further. At WDC (Water Damage Clean), we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to tackle all your mold-related problems. From mold removal and mold remediation antimicrobial treatments to mold and mildew odor removal and mold abatement, our team of experts is well-equipped to handle it all. Whether it’s a small-scale issue or a major mold infestation, we have the knowledge and experience to restore your property to a safe and healthy condition.

When it comes to mold, it’s essential to take immediate action. Our skilled technicians are trained to perform thorough visual mold assessments to identify the source of the problem and determine the extent of the damage. We follow strict protocols to ensure effective mold containment during the remediation process, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, we utilize HEPA air filtration systems to capture mold particles, ensuring clean and breathable air. Our dehumidification and dry out techniques help prevent future mold growth, keeping your property mold-free for years to come.

At WDC, we understand the importance of providing prompt and reliable services. Our point of contact, Kevin, is available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the mold remediation process. With our company address conveniently located at 8201 Peters Rd #1000 in Plantation, Florida, we are just a phone call away. Reach out to us at (954) 799 5411 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. Don’t let mold compromise your health and property. Trust WDC for professional mold remediation services in Hallandale Beach, FL.

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Mold Remediation Services Hallandale Beach FL

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Water Damage Clean Florida is the first and only call you need to make after a flood. We are the most customer service oriented and knowledgeable water damage specialists. We work for you, the homeowner, the property manager, the insurance agent, and those affected by water damage, mold, natural disasters, and fire.

For this reason, Water Damage Clean Florida has the best and most up to date equipment. All to ensure that we are in and out of your place in a speedy fashion so you can resume your normal lifestyle.

Our goals include being the number one safest, timeliest, efficient, and nicest group in town. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and will be more than happy to give you a free consultation. We are certified by the IICRC which is the teaching body of water damage technicians and mold removal specialists in the world.

Water Damage Clean provides FREE INSPECTIONS for every job we do. Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal and Remediation, Mold Inspections, and Natural Disaster Clean Up is our niche. Since we are so customer service oriented, the majority of our business comes by the way of referrals. Please call us at 954-799-5411 today for your consultation.



Water Damage Clean currently focuses on Residential and Commercial properties in South Florida. We also have an extremely reliable network so if you do not see your county listed below, please call us for a referral. These areas Include but are most definitely NOT LIMITED to:

   – Broward County

   – Miami-Dade County

   – Martin County

   – Monroe County

   – Palm Beach County

   – Saint Lucie County

Why should you call us at 954-799-5411? Because you want the best service, the most efficient work done at your property, and a trustworthy and honest company to do it for you. At Water Damage Clean, these are the values instilled in each employee, for the smoothest jobs possible. We do not hide behind fancy jargon or gimmicks. Instead, we are a straightforward company that provides a quality service at a reasonable price, for this reason, we show up with a smile and make sure when we leave, you have a smile on your face too.



Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including all Holidays. We NEVER close for business as a sewage back up in the middle of the night or whatever your emergency may be motivates us to help immediately. Whenever you have a flood, fire, mold, or a natural disaster situation, call us and we will RESPOND in under 90 Minutes but most often within 35 minutes.

We are NOT a Band Aid type company and you will always want to make sure to get the source of the flood or issue taken care of before we start the drying process. We have a plethora of Plumbers, Roofers, AC and Trades people we can refer that will be able to accurately diagnose your problem and fix it on the spot. Again, remember to call us first and let us come for free to evaluate and inspect whatever problem you may have.

Water Damage Clean uses the latest technology to take care of your water damage, mold, fire damage and natural disaster situation. We receive our training from the IICRC and other agencies that certify companies that specializes in water damage, mold, fire damage and natural disaster situation.

Finally, we follow all Laws and regulations governing the wonderful State of Florida. By using a combination of skill, technology and experience, we are able to provide the best product to you, the homeowner, property manager, insurance company, insurance agency, or concerned tenant. Call us now at 954-799-5411 for a FREE CONSULTATION.



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We have restored homes and businesses from fire, water, natural disaster damage, mold and more. Our team of restoration professionals can help return your property to its original condition and get your life back to normal in record time. We are the best water damage clean Florida and mold removal Florida company. Here you can check our some photos of our previous work.