One of the most important parts of life is our health. In South Florida especially, we take that to heart and mold. This can be a very serious health issue.. We are not a mold assessing company. We are not industrial hygienists. We are not indoor air quality assessors or doctors. WE ARE however licensed mold remediators with a proven track record of providing mold free environments after a water intrusion lead to a mold condition. This is not limited to just “Black” or “Toxic” mold, but crosses all mold and fungi boundaries. Make sure when choosing a mold remediation company, that there is no conflict of interest by telling you what type and quantity of mold you have and offering to remediate it for you. We remove mold and team of experienced professionals will always give you a free evaluation. All you have to do is call one of our friendly staff members now. We are the best mold removal Florida company.